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  • We’re on a Mission to Make Wines Friendly.

    A Friend in Every Bottle

    We take time to really get to know our wines, just like the way we do with our friends. From grape vines to your glass, every bottle tells a story, and we want to tell it right. Whether it’s digging into science or travelling back in time - we want to know as much as we can about the people, places, history, and whatever it is that makes a wine so special. We scour the world for unique gems and small-batch wines, so some of these stories are one-of-a-kind. Family-run vineyards and women winemakers, WWII escape and sibling rivalry, tasting notes and serving tips. We tell stories that are as emotional as they are educational. By working directly with vineyards and winemakers, we bring together the people who make delightful wines and those who are delighted by them. We see a dear friend in every bottle that makes its way into our cellar, and hope you’ll love them as we do.

  • We’re on a Mission to Make Wines Friendly.

    Befriend the Wine Lover in You

    A question we’re often asked but still don't confidently answer. Like music, we all have our own taste in wine. You may enjoy the dissonant harmony in jazz, as much as you find ease and joy in pop. Your mood may drive the tracks you pick, and your preferences may change over time. Yet when it comes to wine, we always find ourselves a little hesitant to make a choice or speak our mind. We’re here to change that. Wine should be inclusive. Everyone can feel differently about a wine, and differences should be celebrated as such. You don’t need a diploma to pick out wines, and shouldn’t feel intimidated expressing your opinions. We’ve created an experience that makes it easy for you to try new wines, so you can comfortably explore what you love. Join our Club and taste delicious wine you won’t normally pick or find – personally curated for you by our seasoned sommeliers and palate matching tech. All from the comfort of your home. We’re here to make friends and have fun with the wine lover in you, so you can do so too.

A Budding Friendship
An Italian and a Brit walked into a wine bar in Omotesando. Instead of the start of a bad pun, it’s the beginning of Swirl’s story. As the two sipped Bolgheri and chatted through the night, they found they both share a love for the little things that bring tremendous delights in life. Whether it’s taking a bite of a perfectly al dente pasta alla norma, the first sip of beer after onsen (Suntory or Asahi - the debate continues), or the quest for authentic Neapolitan pizzas in Tokyo. They especially relish the joy in finding, tasting, and sharing a delicious bottle of wine.
Federico grew up visiting vineyards in Piemonte and bottling wines with his father in their home garage outside Milan. Ryan’s wine journey began only 4 years ago on his first Napa trip when he fell under the spell of California Cabernet. Their backgrounds may be worlds apart, but they both shared this vision of a home for wine lovers to come together. A place where novices and connoisseurs are both welcomed, and great wines are abundant. A wine experience that mirrors the founders’ friendship - one that’s filled with joyful discoveries and unassuming fun. Above all, Swirl is about that moment when you open a new bottle of wine, take a first sip, and taste the possibilities of new friendships, a perfect date, or simply good times ahead.
Any Friend of Wine Is a Friend of Mine
Swirl began with a simple vision - a home for wine lovers to come together. Whether it’s to discover new unique wines, up your tasting game, find expert serving advice, or simply to chat about the bottles you recently opened and enjoyed oh-so-much. Introducing Swirl Social - a place where everyone can jump in, kick back, and swirl away. Follow ambassador Swirlers on their journeys of wine discovery. Get VIP invites to events, tasting, and parties. Hear from the people who work hard to create the bottles that we’ve come to love. Share thoughts on your most recent Swirl Club finds. Connect with Connoisseurs and wine novices alike. Learn, share, and join as much or as little you wish. You may have been sipping Malbec for decades or have just had your first taste of Napa Chardonnay. Join us for new discoveries, new friends, and new memories. Welcome home, and salute.
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