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Meet The
Wine Lover in You

Based on your quiz answers, these are wines that we think you will enjoy.

Meet The
Wine Lover in You

Based on your quiz answers, these are wines that we think you will enjoy.

  • Reds

  • Whites

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Our seasoned sommelier personally curates every single Swirl box based on your taste profile.

Only 1 in every 30 bottles we taste makes its way into the Swirl cellar, so rest assured you will only be drinking what we absolutely love.

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    4 bottles monthly

    Perfect for hosts or explorers

    ¥13,950 / month


    1 Red, 3 White

    1 Red, 3 White

    2 Red, 2 White

    2 Red, 2 White

    3 Red, 1 White

    3 Red, 1 White

  • 2 bottles monthly

    Perfect for light drinkers

    ¥7,950 / month


    2 Red

    2 Red

    1 Red, 1 White

    1 Red, 1 White

    2 White

    2 White

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Here’s What We Think You Like

  • Annie's Pinot Noir
    Annie's Pinot Noir

    Light Ruby color, strawberry, black pepper, mellow funk, strawberry leaf, and cocoa on the finish.

  • Sammarcello Pignatello
    Sammarcello Pignatello

    Dense purple color, blackberries, raspberries, lack cherry liquor, eucalyptus, rose and violet.

  • Madrechiesa

    Lively ruby color, raspberry, dark cherry, hints of tobacco and oak.

  • Quojane Zibibbo
    Quojane Zibibbo

    Pale lemon with green hints color, lychee, jasmine and lavender.

  • Au Jus
    Au Jus

    Light Yellow color, peach, apricot, caramel, vanilla and butter.

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    Calculating Your Results

    Hello, winelover! Do you consider yourself a:
    What flavours do you like in white wine?
    Light bodied

    What flavours do you like in red wine?
    Light bodied
    Black fruits
    Red fruits

    Do you like these wines?
    German Riesling(ドイツ産 リースリング)
    French Sauvignon Blanc(フランス産 ソーヴィニヨン・ブラン)
    French Viognier(フランス産 ヴェオエニ)
    Californian Chardonnay(カリフォルニア産 シャルドネ)
    California Pinot Noir
    Italian Zinfandel (Primitivo)(イタリア産 ジンフォンデル、プリミティーヴォ)
    Spanish Tempranillo(スペイン産 テンプラニーリョ)
    French Cabernet Sauvignon

    What would you like to receive in your monthly Swirl box?

    Finally, how much adventure shall we add to your Swirl journey?
    Wine Level
    Wine Body
    White Acidity
    White Sweetness
    Red Body
    Red Acidity
    Light Soft White
    Light Acidic White
    Full Dry White
    Light Sweet White
    Full Soft Red
    Med Dry Red
    Light Dry Red
    Full Acidic Red
    Wine 1
    Wine 2
    Wine 3
    Wine 4