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Tuscany Italy

Founded: 2001

Bottles: 350/400.000 bottles per year

Hectares: 65

Wine Maker: Federico Terenzi

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The Story of Terenzi

Terenzi の物語

Terenzi, a true gem in the Morellino DOCG area. Family passion and heritage made great by intimate love for Maremma and its vineyards. Their distinctive trait is a devotion to purity and elegance in their winemaking, achieved in their acclaimed Madrechiesa, quickly regarded by critics as the best expression of Morellino DOCG.

As the Terenzi family spent their summer vacations in Maremma, they grew fond of the wines and the expression of the terroir. Nowadays, strong of national and international recognition, they offer and produce a wide variety of red and selected white wines.

The winery is run with a modern approach to winemaking and great care of each detail of the wines’ life. From the vineyard to the bottle and the finely designed labels. The brothers Federico, Balbino and Francesca Romana represent the smart elegance of the new generation of italian winemakers, ready to conquer the hearts of wine lovers from all over the world.

“Terenzi is one of the most promising new names in Tuscan winemaking”

Robert Parker

Winemaker Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your winery? 

My family and I are originally from Milan, where the family was running a business in the cosmetic industry. The love for Maremma started to grow during the many summer vacations that we spent in the Argentario (a promontory stretching in the Tyrrhenian Sea, south of Grosseto). The more we stayed there the more we felt linked to the land and its people. That led us to eventually sell the business and move to Maremma, buying the winery and the first vineyards in early 1990.

I personally started my adventure in wine after graduating from Political Sciences in Milan University, when I decided to bet that my future and the future of italian economy lies in its land: both for enjoying it as a tourist and for what it can produce. I then enrolled in a wine MBA provided by Trieste University and I was hooked.

Our first vintage was in 2001, when we released our signature Morellino. Later, my brother joined me and now we both work in the winery adding his precious knowledge and expertise to our technical team.

How do you normally enjoy drinking wine?

I like drinking with friends and family. Over the years, I developed a love for white wines and I like to continuously try new wines. I'm very keen in exploring the latest trends and learning more about other wine making areas.

I was running an association of young winemakers, and we used to organise trips to wine making countries. Visiting Mosel was a great surprise as I found myself being a fan of their dry whites.

Where is your winery located and what are the unique features of wines from your geographical location?

Our winery lies in the northern part (and highest) area of the Morellino appellation. We did run some geological studies on our terroir and found that our vineyards are located on a strip of land connected to the Chianti geological unit, thus is significantly older than the terrains located further south.

Since the vineyards are also on higher grounds, we benefit from a slightly fresher climate, so I would definitely say that the unique point of our sangiovese is Elegance and Balance.

What is your best memory of winemaking, so far?

The best memory for me is receiving, in 2012 and just seven years after our first released vintage the 3 bicchieri prize for our Madre Chiesa Morellino di Scansano Riserva, plus the unexpected recognition of ‘Emerging Winery of the Year 2012’.

Can you tell us about the first wine you ever made?

Our first wine was the Morellino di Scansano, and it was a great emotion seeing the result of years of hard work. I remember building the style of the label with the designer, working hard to reach the best result. That is the only label from those early times that we still use and that you can appreciate on our Morellino bottles.

Tell us what wine represents for you?

Wine represents conviviality, having a good time with friends and family.

What do you think about the future of sustainable winemaking?

It is an extremely interesting and promising way to produce wine. Thus we are not currently producing wines with a bio protocol (due to Maremma climate, it would be too risky to swap the whole production) we are planning to explore this possibility in the future.

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