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Italian Wines

Strong with its immense number of unique grape varieties (more than 500) Italy is the place where diversity is celebrated and so gracefully pursued. Chianti and Barolo represent famous names, but the true pleasure is to find out that the wine you love the most has that name you struggle to remember.

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  • Pale straw yellow with green notes.

    ¥2,200 ¥4,000
  • Intense and ripe. Notes blackcurrant, cherry, plum, vanilla.

  • Red Fruits like Raspberry and Strawberry, juicy and refreshing.

  • Pale lemon with green hints color, lychee, jasmine and lavender.

  • Deep Garnet color, dark cherry, blackberry, pine resin, plum and tobacco.

  • Deep Ruby color, cherry, blackberry, oak, lauriel, rosemary and thyme.

  • Deep ruby with garnet reflections, rich ripe red fruits, plum, toasted nuts, oak, vanilla

  • Deep straw yellow colour, Hints of sage, white flowers, incense and white peach

  • Intense ruby red. Hints of berries and a delicate touch of wood.

  • Deep Ruby color, plum, dried fruit, cherry, earth and oak.

  • Intense red wine with garnet reflections. Notes of red fruit, as blueberry, raspberry and sour cherry. Hints of spices and black pepper.

  • Pale lemon color, white flowers, green apple and pear.

  • Medium Yellow color, lime, citrus, rosemary, sage.

  • Dense purple color, blackberries, raspberries, licorice and orange peel. Oaky and smoky.

  • Lively ruby color, fresh raspberry, ribes and violets, some spicy notes.

  • Deep straw yellow colour, with broad hints of ripe apricot, pear and a hint of pineapple.

  • Bright light pink, with fine and persistent perlage. The flavor is floral, with an explosion of freshness.

  • Intense Ruby color, liquorice, tobacco, eucalyptus and black fruits.

  • Intense Ruby color, blackcurrant, cherry, cedarwood, mint and toasted oak.

  • Light Yellow color, exotic fruit, tomato leaf, lychee, rosemary.

  • Dense purple color, blackberries, raspberries, lack cherry liquor, eucalyptus, rose and violet.

  • Medium intensity ruby color, blackberries, subtle oaky notes, vanilla, sweet spices.

  • Lively ruby color, raspberry, dark cherry, hints of tobacco and oak.

  • Medium Garnet color, cherry, earth and light toasted oak.

  • Pale yellow colour, with green reflection, distinctive hints of melon, peach and tomato leaves.

  • Deep Purple color, blackberries, dried fig, plum, violet, smoky notes.

  • Medium Garnet Color, cherry, underwood, earth, oak, vanilla.

  • Wonderfully intense, with notes of blackcurrant, cherry, plum and tobacco

  • Pale Lemon Color, peach, grapefruit, citrus and apple.

  • Light straw-yellow, with green reflections. Characteristic, fragrant and fruity.

  • Deep Purple color, cherry, blackcurrant, bell pepper, leather, vanilla.

  • Deep ruby color, wild berries, wood, cloves, vanilla and oak

  • Straw yellow wine with greenish reflections. Notes of rose, tilia flower and lychee.

  • Ruby red with purple highlights. Intense scents of red fruits and black cherries.

  • Dense ruby red with violet hues. Intense red berry and spice aromas with hints of black pepper and vanilla.

  • Straw-yellow color with green reflections. On the nose it is delicate, fruity, and slightly citrusy.

  • Light garnet color, black cherries, red plum, fig, with herbal flavors of tobacco, thyme and oregano.

  • Deep ruby colour with notes of cherry and blackberry with hints of liquorice and balsamic.

  • Brilliant ruby red color. Aroma is delicate, fruity, and reminiscent of raspberries and violets.

  • Brilliant pale yellow colour, a typically fruity scent with floral nuances and notable apple and pear characteristics.

  • Its color is a lively, full ruby red. Intense aromas of mature red fruits dominate, with notes of blackberry and prune.

  • Medium Velvet Color, red berries and hints of spices.

  • Pear, wild strawberry, dried flowers

  • Intense red colour and purple hues, a broad and interesting scent to balance its fruity and spicy hints.

  • Garnet red color and orange tones, ethereal and pleasant scent. Red fruits with earthy notes of leather.

  • Lively ruby color, raspberry, dark cherry, hints of tobacco and oak.

  • Resolute red colour and violet hues with hints of berries.

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