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French Wines

Home of some of the most sought after wines of the world: from Champagne to Bordeaux, to the peak of Bourgogne Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. France was the first place where wine became the bottled joy that we love and admire and still leads trends and research in international wine-making.

Featured Winery: Edouard Delaunay

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  • Deep purple color, lavender, cherry, raspberry and blackcurrants.

  • Light yellow color, stone fruit, citrus, vanilla and oak.

  • Deep Purple color, ripe plums, blackberry and cherry.

  • Purple color, blackberry, raspberry, plum and raisin.

  • Pale Yellow color, ripe stone fruits, citrus and pink grapefruit, rose and mineral notes.

  • Pale Lemon color, Grapefruit, tomato leaf, apricot, honey and oats.

  • Yellow color, pulpy and juicy, dry apricots and white flowers, toasted nuts.

  • Deep purple color, blackcurrant and blackberry, cassis.

  • Light Yellow color, exotic fruits, citrus, melon, peach.

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