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French Wines

Home of some of the most sought after wines of the world: from Champagne to Bordeaux, to the peak of Bourgogne Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. France was the first place where wine became the bottled joy that we love and admire and still leads trends and research in international wine-making.

Featured Winery: Edouard Delaunay

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  • A well-balanced taste, fruity and with balsamic, menthol-like flavours. Strong tannins.

    ¥2,900 ¥5,300
  • Intense ruby red, aromas of black fruits, blackcurrant, strawberry and clove.

  • Light yellow color, stone fruit, citrus, vanilla and oak.

  • Hints of cedar, spices and dried tobacco

  • Gorgeous deep red in colour. The nose is expressive and complex. Ripe cherry, blackcurrant, balsamic notes.

  • Ripe black fruit aroma, like blackberry and blackcurrant, oaky notes.

  • Lovely golden colour. Aromatic, elegant and generous, it has delicious aromas of pear and pineapple.

  • Gorgeous, brilliant colour. Subtle, airy yet intense, reminiscent of floral notes and citrus fruits, with a hint of wheat and honey.

  • Deep Purple color, ripe plums, blackberry and cherry.

  • Gorgeous red colour. The nose is expressive, fresh and crisp with aromas of jelly followed by notes of baked goods and well-integrated nuances of oak and spices.

  • Brilliant, intense yellow colour. Boxwood, tropical fruit, citrus notes.

  • Gorgeous pale yellow in colour. Very expressive, complex and elegant, with subtle floral notes (pollen), scents of baked goods complemented by nuances of fresh hazelnut and candied chestnut.

  • Pale Yellow color, ripe stone fruits, citrus and pink grapefruit, rose and mineral notes.

  • Pretty pink in color, this wine is perfectly balanced, fresh, lively and smooth, with floral and fruity notes.

  • Beautiful pale golden hue. Expressive and intense nose, spring flowers, citrus aromas, subtle spicy notes, sugared almonds.

  • Lovely red colour. Aromas and palate of morello cherry and mixed red fruits.

  • Gorgeous deep red in colour. A nose bursting with aromas of red fruit features a wildish hint of brambles that is so typical of the Hautes-Côtes, along with deep, spicy nuances and a hint of camphor.

  • Yellow color, pulpy and juicy, dry apricots and white flowers, toasted nuts.

  • Lovely deep red colour. Scents of blackcurrant and strawberry enhanced by green pepper.

  • Beautiful red colour. Subtle, spicy, complex. Oaky notes and scents of cherry, flowers, pollen, and rose petal that open up to notes of stewed peaches.

  • Lovely dark red colour. Fresh and evocative of tangy red berries, cherries and floral scents.

  • Beautiful deep red in colour. The nose is fresh and expressive, aromas of sour cherries, sugared red and blackcurrants, and red berry coulis.

  • Gorgeous pale yellow in colour. Fresh, bright nose redolent of pear, candied chestnut, fresh mint, lemon and wildflowers.

  • Magnificent, deep colour. Notes of black fruit, wild plum, bark, hazelnut, coffee complemented by hints of spices, incense, beeswax and dark chocolate.

  • Magnificent deep red in colour. Aromas of red fruit, fresh scents of fern and moss, a touch of spice, pepper, and dark chocolate.

  • Beautiful, luminous pale yellow. Vegetal notes such as hazelnut, linden, jasmine and delicate white blossoms. Barley sugar opens up to scents of citrus fruits.

  • Gorgeous pale gold in colour with a first nose that is redolent of lemon and citrus, bergamot, mango, white flowers - jasmine in particular - and pollen.

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