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Edouard Delaunay

Bourgogne France

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The Story of Edouard Delaunay

Edouard Delaunay の物語

The House of Edouard Delaunay, an old structure with a rich and unique history, was closely connected to the development of the Burgundy wine trade and was considerably implicated in the epic intercontinental expansion it experienced throughout the entire 20th century. Bought back in 2017 by Laurent Delaunay, a wine entrepreneur and the great grandson of the House’s founder, its mission is to regain its status of a great house of Burgundy through the vinification and ageing of exceptional wines from some of Burgundy’s finest terroirs.

The Delaunay family’s lineage in Burgundy goes back 5 generations. Being honourably known and firmly rooted in the terroir has resulted in solid friendships with winegrowing families. They speak the same language and have the same culture, the same values.

The Delaunays thereby benefit from a unique network that has allowed them, in a very short time, to gain access to exceptional grapes and wines in extremely rare appellations.

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