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Shop: Reds
  • Intense and ripe. Notes blackcurrant, cherry, plum, vanilla.

  • A well-balanced taste, fruity and with balsamic, menthol-like flavours. Strong tannins.

  • Red Fruits like Raspberry and Strawberry, juicy and refreshing.

  • ストロベリー、ペパーミント、ブラックカラント、バイオレットの花のアロマ

  • レッドチェリー、アジアンスパイス、ペッパー、タバコ、花と杉のニュアンス、ミディアムボディでしっかりとした味わい。

  • Purple color, ripe plum and black fruits, roasted hazelnut, vanilla, oak.

  • Deep Garnet color, dark cherry, blackberry, pine resin, plum and tobacco.

  • Deep Ruby color, cherry, blackberry, oak, lauriel, rosemary and thyme.

  • Deep ruby with garnet reflections, rich ripe red fruits, plum, toasted nuts, oak, vanilla

  • Intense, forthright aromas of red fruit and spice, smooth and rich on the palate.

  • Intense ruby red. Hints of berries and a delicate touch of wood.

  • Deep Ruby color, plum, dried fruit, cherry, earth and oak.

  • Intense red wine with garnet reflections. Notes of red fruit, as blueberry, raspberry and sour cherry. Hints of spices and black pepper.

  • Intense ruby red, aromas of black fruits, blackcurrant, strawberry and clove.

  • Hints of cedar, spices and dried tobacco

  • Dense purple color, blackberries, raspberries, licorice and orange peel. Oaky and smoky.

  • Lively ruby color, fresh raspberry, ribes and violets, some spicy notes.

  • 輝きのあるルビーレッド、赤い果実、カシス、タバコ、スパイス、トリュフなど複雑な香り

  • Intense Ruby color, liquorice, tobacco, eucalyptus and black fruits.

  • Intense Ruby color, blackcurrant, cherry, cedarwood, mint and toasted oak.

  • Deep ruby color, plum, cherry, blackberry jam, oak, chocolate.

  • Dense purple color, blackberries, raspberries, lack cherry liquor, eucalyptus, rose and violet.

  • Gorgeous deep red in colour. The nose is expressive and complex. Ripe cherry, blackcurrant, balsamic notes.

  • Strawberry, Raspberry, Liquorice, Dark Cherry, Dried Sage

  • Medium intensity ruby color, blackberries, subtle oaky notes, vanilla, sweet spices.

  • Lively ruby color, raspberry, dark cherry, hints of tobacco and oak.

  • Purple color, dark cherries, plum, oak and roasted nuts.

  • Medium Garnet color, cherry, earth and light toasted oak.

  • Ripe black fruit aroma, like blackberry and blackcurrant, oaky notes.

  • Deep Purple color, blackberries, dried fig, plum, violet, smoky notes.

  • Medium Garnet Color, cherry, underwood, earth, oak, vanilla.

  • Wonderfully intense, with notes of blackcurrant, cherry, plum and tobacco

  • Deep purple color, bright strawberries, pepper-like spice and roast lamb with mint sauce.

  • Deep Purple color, cherry, blackcurrant, bell pepper, leather, vanilla.

  • Deep purple color, blackberries, blackcurrant, raspberry liquor, oaky vanilla.

  • Deep ruby color, wild berries, wood, cloves, vanilla and oak

  • Ruby red with purple highlights. Intense scents of red fruits and black cherries.

  • Dense ruby red with violet hues. Intense red berry and spice aromas with hints of black pepper and vanilla.

  • Light garnet color, black cherries, red plum, fig, with herbal flavors of tobacco, thyme and oregano.

  • Deep ruby colour with notes of cherry and blackberry with hints of liquorice and balsamic.

  • Brilliant ruby red color. Aroma is delicate, fruity, and reminiscent of raspberries and violets.

  • Deep purple color, almost black. Intense blackberry, violets, leather and sweet oaky vanilla notes, overwhelming complexity.

  • Light Ruby color, strawberry, black pepper, mellow funk, strawberry leaf, and cocoa on the finish.

  • Gorgeous red colour. The nose is expressive, fresh and crisp with aromas of jelly followed by notes of baked goods and well-integrated nuances of oak and spices.

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