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Sustainable Farming

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  • Deep Garnet color, dark cherry, blackberry, pine resin, plum and tobacco.

  • Deep Ruby color, plum, dried fruit, cherry, earth and oak.

  • Dense purple color, blackberries, raspberries, licorice and orange peel. Oaky and smoky.

  • Pale lemon with green hints color, lychee, jasmine and lavender.

  • Pale lemon color, white flowers, green apple and pear.

  • Deep Ruby color, cherry, blackberry, oak, lauriel, rosemary and thyme.

  • Light yellow color, pear, white flowers, citrusy notes

  • Deep ruby with garnet nuances, black fruits, licorice, myrtle, toasted oak.

  • Yellow color, pear, green apple, white flowers, petrol, caramel and wood.

  • Deep Garnet color, dark cherry, blackberry, vanilla, heavily toasted oak.

  • Medium Yellow color, lime, citrus, rosemary, sage.

  • Lively ruby color, fresh raspberry, ribes and violets, some spicy notes.

  • Medium intensity ruby color, blackberries, subtle oaky notes, vanilla, sweet spices.

  • Light Yellow color, exotic fruit, tomato leaf, lychee, rosemary.

  • Pale lemon color, tomato leaf, lime, tropical fruit, subtle oak.

  • Purple color, ripe plum and black fruits, roasted hazelnut, vanilla, oak.

  • Pale lemon color, peach, white flowers, apple.

  • Light Yellow color, peach, apricot, caramel, vanilla and butter.

  • Light Ruby color, strawberry, black pepper, mellow funk, strawberry leaf, and cocoa on the finish.

  • Medium Garnet color, cherry, earth and light toasted oak.

  • Deep ruby color, plum, cherry, blackberry jam, oak, chocolate.

  • Medium Garnet Color, cherry, underwood, earth, oak, vanilla.

  • Light ruby, strawberries and cherry, leather and earth, subtle oak.

  • Deep Purple color, plum, blackberry, licorice, leather, earth, oak and vanilla.

  • Pale lemon color, lemon, green apple, pear.

  • Yellow color, warm apricots, tropical fruits like guava and papaya, citrus.

  • Pale lemon color, tropical fruits, citrus, yellow flowers.

  • Deep ruby with garnet reflections, rich ripe red fruits, plum, toasted nuts, oak, vanilla

  • Intense Ruby color, liquorice, tobacco, eucalyptus and black fruits.

  • Deep purple color, lavender, cherry, raspberry and blackcurrants.

  • Purple color, dark cherries, plum, oak and roasted nuts.

  • Lemon Color, hints of pineapple, candy and honey. Slightly oaky and smoked.

  • Dense purple color, currant, cherry and blackberry, liquorice, tamarind.

  • Lemon Color, hints of pineapple, candy and honey. Slightly oaky and smoked.

  • Deep Purple color, ripe plums, blackberry and cherry.

  • Deep purple color, blackberries, blackcurrant, raspberry liquor, oaky vanilla.

  • Coral Red color, cherry, raspberry, strawberry.

  • Deep Yellow color, ripe pear, yellow flower, acacia honey.

  • "Dense purple color, blackberries, raspberries, lack cherry liquor, eucalyptus, rose and violet. "

  • Deep Ruby color, dry fig, blackberry, oak, roasted nuts, ripe cherry, oak, chocolate.

  • Deep ruby color, wild berries, wood, cloves, vanilla and oak

  • Lemon Color, hints of pineapple, candy and honey. Slightly oaky and smoked.

  • Pink color, strawberry, apricot, with subtle citrus and clove.

  • Intense Ruby color, blackcurrant, cherry, cedarwood, mint and toasted oak.

  • Pale Lemon Color, peach, grapefruit, citrus and apple.

  • Lively ruby color, raspberry, dark cherry, hints of tobacco and oak.

  • Deep straw yellow colour, with broad hints of ripe apricot, pear and a hint of pineapple.

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