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Shop: Whites
  • Light Yellow color, exotic fruit, tomato leaf, lychee, rosemary.

  • Pale Lemon Color, peach, grapefruit, citrus and apple.

  • Light Yellow color, peach, apricot, caramel, vanilla and butter.

  • Distinct varietal character, with notes of melon, lime. Layers of tropical fruit and ripe grapefruit flavours are found on the palate, with a long, luscious finish.

  • Pale lemon with green hints color, lychee, jasmine and lavender.

  • Brilliant, intense yellow colour. Boxwood, tropical fruit, citrus notes.

  • Pale lemon color, lemon, green apple, pear.

  • Yellow color, pear, green apple, white flowers, petrol, caramel and wood.

  • Pale Yellow color, ripe stone fruits, citrus and pink grapefruit, rose and mineral notes.

  • Gorgeous pale yellow in colour. Fresh, bright nose redolent of pear, candied chestnut, fresh mint, lemon and wildflowers.

  • Light lemon color, peach, pineapple and lime, accents of flowers, brioche and white pepper.

  • Gorgeous pale gold in colour with a first nose that is redolent of lemon and citrus, bergamot, mango, white flowers - jasmine in particular - and pollen.

  • Beautiful pale golden hue. Expressive and intense nose, spring flowers, citrus aromas, subtle spicy notes, sugared almonds.

  • Pale lemon color, peach, white flowers, apple.

  • Gorgeous pale yellow in colour. Very expressive, complex and elegant, with subtle floral notes (pollen), scents of baked goods complemented by nuances of fresh hazelnut and candied chestnut.

  • Light yellow color, stone fruit, citrus, vanilla and oak.

  • Pale lemon color, tomato leaf, lime, tropical fruit, subtle oak.

  • Pale yellow colour, with green reflection, distinctive hints of melon, peach and tomato leaves.

  • Light straw-yellow, with green reflections. Characteristic, fragrant and fruity.

  • Straw yellow wine with greenish reflections. Notes of rose, tilia flower and lychee.

  • Deep Yellow color, ripe pear, yellow flower, acacia honey.

  • Yellow color, pulpy and juicy, dry apricots and white flowers, toasted nuts.

  • Citrus and delicate floral aromas, green apple and pear, dry finish

  • Deep straw yellow colour, Hints of sage, white flowers, incense and white peach

  • Light yellow color, pear, white flowers, citrusy notes

  • Pale lemon color, white flowers, green apple and pear.

  • Gorgeous, brilliant colour. Subtle, airy yet intense, reminiscent of floral notes and citrus fruits, with a hint of wheat and honey.

  • Pale, lemon color, lemon, limes, guava.

  • Yellow color, stone fruit, lemon, brioche and oak, roasted almonds and hazelnuts.

  • Pale Lemon color. Green capsicum, lime zest, tropical fruit and passionfruit.

  • Lemon Color, hints of pineapple, candy and honey. Slightly oaky and smoked.

  • Beautiful, luminous pale yellow. Vegetal notes such as hazelnut, linden, jasmine and delicate white blossoms. Barley sugar opens up to scents of citrus fruits.

  • Bright and straw coloured with greenish tints. Complex and subtle on the nose, there are peach and apricot aromas with hints of citrus and smokiness.

  • Straw-yellow with golden reflections. Intensely aromatic bouquet with notes of apricot, sage and honey.

  • Deep straw yellow colour, with broad hints of ripe apricot, pear and a hint of pineapple.

  • Straw-yellow color with green reflections. On the nose it is delicate, fruity, and slightly citrusy.

  • Brilliant, straw-yellow color. Delicate bouquet with notes of flowers and thyme.

  • Lovely golden colour. Aromatic, elegant and generous, it has delicious aromas of pear and pineapple.

  • Medium Yellow color, lime, citrus, rosemary, sage.

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